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This web page is dedicated to past, present, and future firefighters
“The True Hero among the Smoke”

Santa Rosa Fire Department Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Santa Rosa Fire Department to minimize the loss of life and property, while ensuring life, safety and welfare of the citizens of Santa Rosa.

The Mission of the Santa Rosa Fire Department will be carried out through means of fire prevention, fire suppression, rescue and emergency services. The Santa Rosa Fire Department will utilize all resources available to ensure that, the citizens of Santa Rosa are provided the best services possible.

The Volunteer Fireman

Volunteer fireman breeds unto themselves.

Whoever heard of a man who is willing to be on twenty-four hour duty without pay for the dubious privilege of protecting his neighbor’s property?

Whoever heard of a man who will dash from his desk and ride a “fire wagon” to the scene of the alarm ruining his suit, neglecting his business, risking his life and exhausting himself physically, not for money but for his believes in serving the community?

Whoever heard of a man who will give up his favorite TV show, postpone some reading or “do-it-yourself” house chores he’s been planning (Plus sacrificing his evenings with his wife and children) just to attend a meeting where he learns how to function as a volunteer servant in behalf of his fellowmen?

Well, if you don’t know the answers to those questions, look around our fire station.
You’ll see people who aren’t out of protesting and demonstrating and complaining because they’re too busy living up to the image of a good American.

You’ll see people whose forefathers were made of the same stuff that’s why we have inherited this wonderful land.
You’ll see people just like yourself who care what happens to their neighbors and their community and their country.
(Author Unknown)

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